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soft, gentle, eruri twilights [listen]
this is a relaxing mix, designed to ease the tension in your shoulders

king and lion heart - of monsters and men// collect call - metric// beautiful mess - jason mraz// bloom - the paper kites// i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie// counting stars - one republic// kiss me - ed sheeran// favorite thing - yuna// dark paradise - lana del rey// hero - family of the year// obcessions (instrumental) - marina and the diamonds// inside out - britney spears// only onces who know - arctic monkeys// the quiz - hello saferide// smother -daughter// take me the way i am - ingrid michealson// somewhere only we know - keane// past lives - kesha// falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg//


Catdads doodle just because.
Also these two are absolutely adorable okay.

"what the shit is this" you may ask.
"i have no fackin’ clue just have it lol" i would whisper while gently stroking your hair.

 ぴか@ scc両日参加

erwin x levi by ちと/SCC@M01b

♡ SONGS FOR LEVI ♡  → ( listen )

songs erwin would probably put on a gross lovey-dovey mix tape full of crappy 80s/90s pop for levi

tracklist // 1. never gonna give you up - rick astley 2. lover boy - billy ocean 3. it’s a love thing - the whispers 4. baby, i love you - the ramones 5. nothing’s gonna stop us now - jefferson starship 6. physical - olivia newton-john 7. pour some sugar on me - def leppard 8. do you wanna touch me (oh yeah) - joan jett 9. take my breath away - berlin 10. maybe i’m amazed - paul mccartney 11. the prettiest star - david bowie

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